Barcelona’s Aquarium – discover the depths of the sea

A real must see of any visit to Barcelona, the Aquarium is a fantastic family day out and a real feast for the eyes. Come and see the beautiful (and sometimes scary) creatures of the world’s greatest seas and oceans.

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Visiting an Aquarium isn’t always the first activity that springs to mind when you’re on holiday in a city like Barcelona. The city’s Aquarium is known for offering a great day out, however, so we went to check out this unique part of the Catalan capital, down in Maremagnum (Port Vell).

Once inside, all you have to do is follow the sign-posted path, which begins with a section dedicated solely to the Mediterranean Sea….

The Mediterranean aquarium: 14 tanks of sea life

Barcelona’s Aquarium is the most important Mediterranean–themed aquarium in the world – the perfect way to start your visit. It’s packed to the rafters with a huge variety of interesting marine species, from creatures that hide under rocks, like eels, to beautifully coloured fish and the more mysterious ones that inhabit the deepest darkest waters…it’s like a journey through the Mediterranean itself! One thing you can’t miss is the section on the sea beds of the Medes Islands, located just off the coast of northern Catalonia, as they have the most spectacular variety of sea life.

Tropical waters: seven aquariums from around the world

The Caribbean has arrived! As soon as you reach the tropical aquarium you’ll meet the sharks. Not the great white shark of Jaws fame, but the black tip reef shark which weaves its way through the tropical fish. And it’s here that the avalanche of colour really begins. Among the tropical wonders of the coral reefs you can come face to face with species such as the clown fish. This will be a particular source of excitement if you are going with children, as they will probably recognise this little orange fish from the film ‘Finding Nemo’, as well as other characters such as Flounder, Dory and Sebastian the crab.

You’ll also be blown away by the aquarium of the Caribbean Sea, the Red Sea, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia…it really is a trip around the world!

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The one everyone looks forward to – the Oceanarium!

With more than 4500m3 of water (36m in diameter and 5 metres deep) the Oceanarium presents all the treasures of the Mediterranean Sea laid out in front of you. There’s a particular emphasis paid to the sharks: especially the bull shark, the real star of the aquarium. With a wingspan of over two metres and weighing in at over a tonne, the moonfish is another star attraction.

This huge, 80-metre-long walk-through tunnel lets you see the most spectacular animals (bream, eels, and ray fish) from all angles. It’s a real feast for the eyes!

And lastly… Aqua Planet

This is an exhibition about the importance of water on Earth, with different stands that show the creatures that have best adapted themselves to the changes of the aquatic environment. Be amazed by the piranhas, the iguanas, the jellyfish, and the ray fish without forgetting to have fun with the penguins playing in the water.

Children can keep on exploring!

The Aquarium has been kitted out with various interactive demonstrations, geared to children of all ages. Kids are able to experience learning about underwater life through a variety of senses – hearing, touch, sight and smell.



clockOpening times

Opens: from 09:30.

Monday to Friday: 21:00
Weekends and holidays: 21:30
June and September: 21:30
July and August: 23:00


English Castellano French Catalan
English, Spanish, French and Catalan

euroPayment methods

Cash or card


Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell,
s / n – 08039 Barcelona



Getting there

Buses bus : 14, 17, 19, 36, 39, 40, 45, 59, 64, D20, 120
Bus Tours: Barcelona City Tour – Barcelona Tourist Bus
Metro: Drassanes metro , Barceloneta metro
Coastal ring road, take exit 21, 22


If you’d like a souvenir of your visit, there’s a shop near the exit where you can buy mugs, cuddly toys, and so on.

The Aquarium also has a café where you can sip a drink while enjoying the excellent views out to the sea and fishing port.

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